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            HOLLY WOOD UPCOMING MOVIE                          "READY PLAY ONE"

Directed by:  Steven Spielberg

Written by:   Zak Penn, Ernest Cline

In Theaters:  29 Mar 2018

Runtime:       140min

Studio:           Warner Brons

Language:      English

Country:        USA

Genre:            Action, Adventure.Science Fiction

Budget:          $175,000,000

Film Location:  Jewellery Quarter, England,                                                                       Uk, Bermingham   

Tagline:          Accept your reality......... Fight for better one

Cast:              Tye Sheridan(as Wada Owen Watts/ Parziva)
                               Olivia Cooke(As Samantha Evelyn Cook /as                                                         Art3min)
                               Ben Mendelson(as Nolan Sorrento)
                               Simon Pegg( as Ogden Morrow)
                               T.J. Miller
                                Hannah John Kamen (as F' Nale Zandor)
                                Mark Rylance
                                 Lena Waithe

                     New upcoming movie of holly wood "Ready Play One" now released. Ready play one was written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cine. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Most of the shooting in UK, England, Bermingham and jewellery quarter. Running time of this film "Ready Play One"  is 140min.
"Ready Play One" ia an acion. adventure and science ficion movie."Ready Play One" should have been called "The Pop_Cultural" movie.The budget of the fime is $175,000,000.In this film Tye Sheridan playing Wada Owen Watts 's role.

                    The tageline of the story is "accept your reality and fight for better one.The real world is very hursh place.In 2045,People seek regular escape from life through the "OSSIS,a deeply angaging virtual world where you can go anywhere, doanything,be anyone, only limits areyour own imagination. Wada Wattes feels to alive when he ascapes toOASIS and spend life.OASIS creator Jamea Halliday left his immens fortun and control of the OASIS to the winner of a contest designed to find a worthy heir.When unlikly hero Wada Watts conquers the first challeng of the reality bending treasure hunt.He and his friend known as the high five are hurled in to a fantastic universe of discovery and denger to save the OASIS AND thieir world.
So much the "Ready Play One" assembled from the de tritus of our past that it is less a film and more an overstuffed culural recycling bin.Life in the OASIS is exciting and wondrous to behold through your avator's oversized animes eyes,but it does not mean much without some real world stakes. Perhapes the most of the compelling thing"Ready Play One" and the OASIS provide is the glimpse at our inevitable future.

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