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                       UPCOMING MOVIE                                                  " THE NUN"

Characters: Bonnie Aarons (The nun)
                            Jonas Bloquet  (Frenchie)
                            Ingrid Bisu (Sister Oana)
                            Tassia Farmiga (Sister Irena)
                             Augus Maturo (Danial)
                             Jack Falk ( Danial)
                             Ani Sava ( Sister Jessica)
                             Michael Smily (The Abbess)

Director: Corin Hardy
Writer: Gray Dauberman 
Screenplay: James Wan
Country: USA
Gender:Horror / Mystery/ Thriller
LanguageEnglish/ Latin/ Franch /Romanian
Film Location: Castel Film Studio/ Bucharest/Romania/Hunedoara
Runtime: 96 min


When a nun at a Cloistered Abby in Romania. She lives her own life, a priest with a haunted past.H er final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate.


"The NUN" is mystical and horror movie." THE NUN" is a new movie and related to conjuring universe. The conjuring movie has become successful both commercially and mystically. The film has a historical background. The movie started with "Make sure you watch to the end.

The secret of the story comes in the end when young nun walking in the darkness, she is being followed. The Priest find the connection of nun 's suicide. This time we know about THE Conjuring' sequel.
Most of the people say this is a real and myth story. It depicts the historical event. This is a Hollywood movie. If you know anything about this story and film please share in comments.
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